Other Lakes

Our Guide Service frequently strays off from Mille Lacs Lake because of weather, looking for new scenery, and or more favorable fishing regulations lake to lake. We visit Smaller and Larger lakes in Central and Northern Minnesota depending on customers wishes and options. Especially if little ones may be on board. We won’t name all the little lakes closer by. So not to tip our cap, but some of which we know very well and other lakes we are continuously learning or it may be our first time on a particular lake. That’s the adventure of it and makes it fun even tho the guide may be out of he or shes comfort zone on a new lake. Winnie, Leech, and lakes nearby these are and option always but we recommend a two or three day trip and or stay because they are another two hours away from Mille Lacs. If a customer has a new or different lake that we are not familiar with it will be up to us as a TEAM to try and figure out the lake and how to put fish in the boat. As long as we can safely launch our boat on that lake LETS FISH!!!

Tim Ajax